Work Work, Zug Zug

For the last few months, I’ve been actively looking for work. Not just the odd logo design or Facebook banner as I’ve been doing for so long but full-time employment. It’s time for Lizard to start going to daycare/preschool and make some friends, and the boys can handle after school programs. There are a handful of potential places I’m looking at so when I know, yall will know. Until then I’ve been learning a few new skills for the job market as it stands currently. These days a 30k a year graphic design job doesn’t cover transportation and childcare for three kids, hence the learning to program and UX. It’s something I should have done years ago but never did.

Right now I’ve got a decent grasp of how object-oriented programming is structured. If you asked me to build you an entire program I could map it out for you and deliver the wireframes but the implementation of programming syntax would take me some time. Most of my free time has been spent in online courses learning C#. This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing or doing any other projects, I’ve just put them all on the back burner for the last few months to focus on this.

Dioxazine was finally wrapped up a few weeks ago, and while I planned on doing it quarterly I might have to scale it back to three times a year rather than four depending on my time constraints with a new schedule. Even though I am home throughout the day that doesn’t mean I have free time to do uninterrupted work. Let’s just say a 6am to 6pm work window won’t interfere with my current free hours. Working on painting minis or building a project will just be more fun when it’s used to chill after work.

I’ve had fun searching for work via modern job sites. I dusted off my LinkedIn profile and added a few things to it. Since everything has to match when a potential place checks out your site, all the profile pics for all my accounts have been updated. I’ve reworked my resume, even put it together in InDesign as opposed to the old school Microsoft Word doc format. It’s been ten years since I’ve had an office job, mind you, so some stuff like “It has to be in PDF” is new.

I do like how I can set up an account on a job board and use that info to instantly submit to jobs listed on it. There were some that made you apply via their own website because they were bigger companies but it wasn’t often. I remember years ago having to copy/paste my resume info line by line into applications. Now I can apply to five places in a few minutes. What’s even better is when you aren’t a good fit they can just send you an automated turn down letter the same day you applied. Waiting around to see if they like you is the worst part.

So yeah, check back later for possible updates on the job hunt and some other projects currently in the pipeline.

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