Reaper Bones 4 Have Arrived!

Look what has finally arrived in the mail! This kickstarter set from Reaper was created in 2017 and has finally made it here in person. Now, for most kickstarter things, if it takes over a year you might as well just give up on it not happening. However, this is Reaper’s fourth set produced this way and is one of the most cost effective ways to get a ton of minis for your games. They are also from Texas, so were basically obligated to buy from them. 

We ordered the core set which has over 100pcs, a large dragon figure, and a set of paints. I had originally added some extra sets of kobolds and goblins to the order but swapped them out for the paints as I knew we weren’t going to have any by the time the minis came in. The figures you see above are all the solid formed figures that don’t need assembly, a good chunk has to be clipped apart and glued together. But considering these figures run $4 EACH in a store, a little cutting and gluing is worth the discount. 

These snake warriors were the first set I glued together. The instructions called for superglue so that’s what I used. I’ve never painted a mini that was big enough to need assembly before, but with this series even the small figures need the parts put together. But man, the detail on some of these models is wild. You can see every single scale on those snake warriors, there are griffins with individual feathers carved into the wings. 

But I think I figured out why so many have to be put together. You need to paint some of these before assembly. This warrior girls arm and whip are separate from the body, however, when attached you can see the whip hugs the leg and base. There is no way you can paint her boot and the whip easily if you glue this together first. So, for me at least, most of these IKEA-style pieces are now going to be painted while still on the plastic sprue’s to make sure I can get to every part easily. I’ll do a post about it with a Succubus model where you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Here is the paint haul from the order, now I have to order some tiny brushes and get started on these guys. It’s been a very long time since I’ve painted anything much less any miniatures. If you have any tips on the best paints or finishes to use on figures like this feel free to let me know.

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