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Mobile Music: MP3 or DAP?

While my little ol flash Zune works great for me it doesn’t work so well for the kiddos. The things they like to listen to are random video game songs or stuff off YouTube, which can be hard to get a song file for that the Zune can play. Not to mention that adding music […]

RIP Fry’s

Fry’s Electronics shut their doors yesterday. It wasn’t really a surprise to anyone who had been inside any of the stores in the past two years or so. Social media posts with bare shelves and missing fixtures were growing all the time. I would get a weekly email from them about online deals and such […]

Got Milk?

So we finally went out grocery shopping and managed to find some bottled water, bread, and milk. It took a few locations but we got most of what we needed for kids lunches and such. We lucked out that we had recently bought a deep freezer and put it in the garage so all our […]

Starting Fresh

Just testing this new site out. Check back for more updates as I figure this out and upload all my old projects back to this site. 🙂

So you want to fix up a Zune…

You remember the Zune, right? I was an iPod shuffle gal back in the day but when I went to plug mine into my computer I discovered it’s no longer readable by modern operating systems. After a few minutes of combing through ebay for a sub $50 mp3 player I stumbled upon the little flash […]