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Getting ready

I’ve been busy the last few weeks with various things. Getting ready for this baby, getting things set up at work, getting through some reading. I’m glad I figured out one of the issues I had with productivity. While work hours are work hours, any time outside of that has to be used to either […]

Such a mournful sound

One of my first graphic design jobs was back in college, around 2006, working for a small audio company. They had an online store that sold pro sound equipment and also did custom commercial installations. (Think, the ceiling speakers in schools/restaurants/etc) My thing was taking pics of the product and making ads for print and […]

New radio day

Got a new Yaesu FT-65 handheld transceiver in the mail today. Hopefully I works better than the old Baofeng I lost the charger to a while back. Will need to put the bigger whip on it for sure. Cody wanted it for emergencies in the jeep but I’m the only one who has the license […]

Book readin’

I’ve been on a reading/book buying spree the last few weeks. The lit fiction writing group was rattling off a list of some things they enjoyed so I investigated a few. I gave Ducks, Newburyport an attempt and made it about forty pages or so until I just couldn’t get a handle on the rhythm. […]

It’s hard to stop using Amazon, y’all.

So I’m sure y’all have read the news in the last few months about Amazon workers complaints. The delivery drivers can’t stop to pee, the warehouse folks are run ragged, etc. The rampant cloning of products being sold in the online store showing up as recommended items. Then there are the new issues with their […]