Ordering some cake

Made the call to HEB for the current youngest’s birthday cake and cupcakes for school. Since she won’t be having a big ol’ party I’m sending the cupcakes with her to daycare. Her birthday last year was similar in that we just had cake and gave her a present after dinner, little kids aren’t hard to please. (That was a week before everything shut down too.)

Anyway, I don’t mind buying an HEB cake since 1. They are actually good, and 2. they aren’t crazy expensive. I’m not good at making cakes from scratch and typically use a cake mix when I do. Every attempt to make a buttercream icing ends with a powdered sugar flavored paste that never quite comes out right. There is a good bakery in town that I’ve gone to with a little more lead time and cash for the occasion.

She will no doubt want McDonalds for lunch on Saturday. Just reminds me of being little and having/going to birthday parties there. Something about that defrosted vanilla tray cake with the frosting that peels off the top, those hard sugar figures that were on the top, it was gross and the best at the same time.

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