OGGie, OGGie, OGGie!

Oi Oi Oi! So for the youngest’s birthday I ordered one of those SanDisk Clips and a set of low volume kids headphones. (She can now dance around while listening to Frozen songs whenever she wants.) Turns out that this little clip-on MP3 player will also gladly play your Ogg Vorbis files, meaning you can fit more music on the default 8gb than you could with standard MP3/AAC formats. The issue with some of these cheaper media players is that they sometimes only recognize certain file formats. The Zune won’t play .OGG, for example.

Anyway, I thought it was cool information to have. Yeah, the player supports an external micro SD card to put huge gigs of music on but for $25 this wasn’t a bad pick and the sound isn’t terrible. (Would be really good to use while lifting weights or running since phones weigh like 5lbs.) It also has no WiFi, Bluetooth, or mic on it making it even safer for kids to use.

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