New radio day

Got a new Yaesu FT-65 handheld transceiver in the mail today. Hopefully I works better than the old Baofeng I lost the charger to a while back. Will need to put the bigger whip on it for sure. Cody wanted it for emergencies in the jeep but I’m the only one who has the license to actually use the thing. Makes me want to finally get that SDR stuff up and running. This handheld doesn’t require connecting it to a computer just to do presets like the Baofeng did. I had bought a Nagoya whip for it to try and reach one of the local repeaters but never could quite get there. One day I’ll save up the $$$$$$$$$ for a proper antenna setup in the back yard or something but for now this should be good enough to bounce around the things out here.

Storm season should be starting soon around here so it will be nice to have something for an actual emergency that isn’t a cheap weather radio or the NOAA twitter accts. I wouldn’t expect everyone to go out and learn all the ham radio info to pass the test and get a license. Most of the stuff you learn are the rules the FCC has in place for actual usage on the allowed bands. If you want to chat with your buddies while apocalypse LARPing in the woods then get walkie talkies. The other chunk of the test is made up of electrical diagrams and ohms law math so unless that’s something you’re already familiar with you’ll have a bit of trouble just memorizing the laws and jumping in.

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