Graded Comics Arrived

These were very well packed I promise.

Five months ago I was cleaning out one of the closets when I decided to comb through our long boxes. After looking up most of the issues we had on eBay to see what was worth anything these were the eleven books we decided to send off for grading. Now that was in January and if you aren’t aware, the collectible cards and comics market has exploded along with all the digital currencies. That means that the poor folks over at the CGC in Florida have been swamped with all kinds of grading submissions.

Back in January the backlog wasn’t so bad but with things having to shut down during the pandemic and all they got way behind in grading. Not to worry, I’m in no rush to sell these. Well today was the day they finally came home, all graded and encapsulated in their fancy plastic shields.

Paper Girls and Thor #1

So what did I send in? Lots of stuff. First up was the first issue of Thor where Jane Foster takes over the hammer and such. This one wasn’t worth a ton since it’s relatively new but as soon as the new movie gets released it should gain value. Second is the Paper Girls number one, I’ve got some of the other issues as well but only bothered to get the first graded due to costs. It’s one of the newest books I have so it’s worth the least at the moment.

Jim Lee’s Batman

Next up are some of the comics I bought when I was working at Lone Star Comics back in college. While 608 is the first in the series, 609 has the first appearance of Hush. These were initially an impulse buy because I didn’t know who Jim Lee was back then but the guys at work made a big deal about it so I grabbed a few. Thanks guys!

Issues 1-7, missing #5 of NYX

Then we come to some good ol fashioned modern X-Men books. Again, we started buying these when I was still working at the comic book store but thankfully continued to buy them after I had left Dallas. Somewhere along the way we missed buying issue #5 but I’m sure we can find a graded version on the cheap. It’s issue #3 that is the most valuable out of all the books I sent out because it has the first appearance of X-23, so much more that I had to have it graded at a higher tier and it was shipped back on it’s own.

I was really surprised by the 9’s these all got, especially the first issue of NYX which I read through several times and I knew it had some crunchiness in the spine. Other than that all of these have been sitting in bags and boards in long boxes for the last… uh… couple of decades so they have been kept in great shape. Everything still had white pages, as noted on the grades. As always, CGC did a great job of preparing and grading these guys. Can’t wait for Charizard to get back here in his little plastic shell in a few more months. 🙂

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