Got Milk?

So we finally went out grocery shopping and managed to find some bottled water, bread, and milk. It took a few locations but we got most of what we needed for kids lunches and such. We lucked out that we had recently bought a deep freezer and put it in the garage so all our bulk meat was fine without the power on. Our garage, like most houses around here, isn’t insulated so it’s often the same temp as it is outside. I still haven’t found eggs yet but since I’m not baking cakes and cookies I don’t really need them.

I’ve never been in Costco where they didn’t have the cooked chickens, cut meats, etc. The veggie cooler had basically carrots and mushrooms left, and the dairy cooler was totally empty. Only fruit was avocado, apples, and bright green bananas. They did have cases of water tho, one per membership, so we got one of those since our tap water won’t be drinkable till at least the end of the week. They had no milk but the gas station down the road we just happened to stop at miraculously did.

In other good news, the baby peach tree I bought a few days before the freeze has survived being in the kitchen all this time and is about to be planted in the back yard. Maybe we’ll have peaches later this summer. Who knows.

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