Getting Started Painting Minis

So I’ve slowly been working on the vast horde of Reaper Minis we got from the kickstarter earlier this year. I’ve painted maybe three figures before this so I had to go out and get some new brushes and a few washes etc, to get things ready.

I even went out and cleaned up/repaired my 3d printer in order to print a little cottage house for the figures to have something to play in. I’ve never once played a game of D&D that didn’t involve starting off in a tavern or running into a cottage in town to hide from something.

The painting part has been fun so far, after watching about four dozen videos by Warhammer dudes on youtube I have a mild grasp of how to lay paint down on these little figures.

These are some of the ones I’m working on right this minute, a large troll monster and a little blue wizard. All of these figures are from the Reaper set save for the cottage. Between writing and fixing up gameboys I tend to sit down and paint a figure or two about once or twice a week. It’s nice to just sit and chill while painting and running episodes of Black Books in the background.

Now, I don’t plan on posting every single one of these 160 something things on my main website so I set up an instagram account for them which you can check out here:

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Can’t wait to paint this bad boy

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Kobold’s Drank My Coffee is a play on the name of a game we used to sell at the comic book shop I worked at in 2002 called Kobold’s Ate My Baby, which is probably a play on Maybe a Dingo Ate Your Baby. So yeah, go check things out there and when I get done with a set or chunk of them I’ll do a gallery post here. If you paint minis and have suggestions or comments feel free to drop them here or on IG.

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