Contest of Champions Arcade Game

I didn’t recall seeing Captain Marvel in the 2 hours we played the game.

This weekend our friends took us to Dave and Buster’s to eat lunch and test out the MCOC arcade game. We have been playing the mobile game for a few years now so we had to come check out the joystick version.

The cabinet is set up like the Injustice fighter game, where you play and win cards that can be used to unlock specific characters in later matches.

You can use the cards you win to play specific champs or hit start for a random set of 3.

When you first sit down to play there is an option to use the cards you’ve previously won to play as those champions. (Hey, there is Captain Marvel!) If you don’t have a full set or haven’t played yet you can just hit start and the game will auto-fill your roster with 3 random characters.

The good: Instant Medium Attacks. The bad: Any attempt to swipe forward or backward.

Now, when you’re playing the game on your phone you use your thumbs to tap and swipe across the screen while fighting. This version has a joystick and buttons which we were all eager to try out since this would make the game feel more like the arcade fighter it is. In the mobile game you can evade or rush forwards by simply swiping your screen in that direction. With the joystick acting as both movement AND block input you sometimes are stuck with simply blocking as the double-tap to rush/evade has enough lag to get you punched in the face. The reaction time is much much slower here. In some instances, because we weren’t fighting the AI like we are in the mobile game, we knew when to block and attack and would end up just holding block until the other person flinched.

Not playing an AI causes stalemates of holding block.

The attacking part was really nice however since the medium and heavy attacks were instant button presses as opposed to holding down your finger on your phone for a half second. You could just stand there and chain heavies or mediums all day then pop your special attack, which for this game seemed to be considerably buffed. I don’t know what the masteries are for the characters but everyone is an awakened 3* champ and only about 300 pi. Which is fine for a 3* arena game, but you’ll notice the special attacks do way more damage than they do in the mobile game. I had a hulk do 90% of the other champs life in one L2. We’ve been playing this game on a daily basis since 2015 so we knew what to expect from damage output. Bleeds seemed heavier, Hawkeye and Wolverine would eat you alive. Oh, IMIW, Ghost, and Wasp are all in this thing and are a nightmare to fight when you can’t rapidly evade or block.

After your match is over both players get a card.

There isn’t really any way to look up the skills and abilities of the champions unless you’ve played the mobile version. The specials and attacks are all copy/paste from the original. It was also cool how they displayed a random loading screen from the game throughout the years in between matches and such.

46 cards later…

After you play a “best 2 out of 3” match against the computer or another person you are given a special game card. Each card has a barcode for the game to read, the HP and attack power of the champ along with a short bio. However, nothing is shown about the specials or abilities other than a list of debuffs/buffs they apply, which again, you wouldn’t know what they meant if you didn’t already know the game. Some of the cards come in foil versions, and we got the odd duplicate here and there. Colossus seemed to be common, we ended up with four of him.

The Contest is currently down for emergency maintenance. Please check back shortly.

Hilariously, after an hour or so of playing the game froze up yet still took credits off your game card. We had to get the tech guy to come reboot it for us which made us laugh at the fact that even the emergency maintenance was true to the mobile game.

If anyone has a list of all 75 champion cards please comment with it!

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