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The Widow of Redbriar

The Widow of Redbriar is a complex novella set in 1860’s England about Mary Ellen Murphy, a young woman from Georgia, who is uprooted from her family’s tobacco plantation following the aftermath of the American Civil War.  Her maternal grandfather’s estate at Redbriar becomes her new home and now must do her best to keep […]

Victorian Murder Show – A Micro Novel.

I’ve placed the Milkmaid on the back-burner for a little while. Given the grand scope of it, and my lack of real writing knowledge I’m afraid that whatever I get down on paper won’t be worth the effort and time put into the outline and general story. Also, I’ve started going through the James Patterson […]

Book update.

Yes I’m still writing it. I’ve been rewriting it since the beginning of 2015 and I just don’t feel comfortable with putting out something that isn’t worth reading. I’ve been trying to get the reworks all done at night after the baby goes to bed so it’s taking much longer than it should normally. But […]