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Hooking the Reader

There are various ways to “hook the reader” in a story. Typically you would do this within the first few sentences of the first chapter by means of something exciting or interesting that goes with the genre. It makes total sense to do this. You put the murder in the first chapter. You start the […]

The Return of Serial Fiction?

I mean, it’s about time. It seems that books only get longer each year, with word counts over 100k per volume in the latest trilogy. Modern commercial fiction seems to be going through another big shift since the rise of eBooks and the self publishing boom in the early 2010’s. A little while back Amazon […]

Getting ready

I’ve been busy the last few weeks with various things. Getting ready for this baby, getting things set up at work, getting through some reading. I’m glad I figured out one of the issues I had with productivity. While work hours are work hours, any time outside of that has to be used to either […]

The value of text.

The monetary value of text, that is. Yes, we can easily attach sentimental or emotional value to words on a page or screen — personal dairy and blog entries included. A loved one’s text messages are basically priceless. What I’m trying to figure out is at what point does text become worth paying for? You […]

How I Self-Published a Book.

You’ll notice that doesn’t say how to self-publish a book in general. The way I did it wont apply to the majority of writers who may or may not have some flavor of degree in the subject or plan on having an agent traditionally publish their work. The following explains how I went about writing […]