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DNA75 Build – Hitch-Hiker Pv2 Box

Since building the PWM box, I’ve found the power to be a bit too warm for my tastes. Having a series mod only to turn it down to 55% power is pretty lame so I had been looking into making a new single battery or dual parallel box, mostly so I could run dual coils […]

PWM Box Mod

While waiting for all of the parts to my Game Boy Pi build, I threw together a PWM Box mod. While looking up how to build one I contemplated doing a DNA 200 board box but the price point on the PWM was something I couldn’t pass up. Setup shown above: LG He4 x2 Geekvape […]

GameBoy Zero Pt1

I haven’t had a chance to solder anything since before the baby arrived and have been itching to build something fun. It’s been a while since I played with the old Game Boy’s in the house and after stumbling upon the Game Boy Zero posts on reddit I decided to build one myself. So far I’ve […]

Building My Own Box Mods

As much fun as mechanical tube mods and commercial vv boxes are, making your own box mod is really rewarding. My husband loved his provari and I really liked my sig 150 but these “digikey specials” are more my style. This hilarious thing was the first mod I built back in 2013. It’s super tiny […]

Getting Started with Ham Radio

Got my Technician license a couple of months ago and am planning to spend some of the summer playing around with my handheld radio and SDRplay. Listen around for KG5LVX in the north Austin area until I get around to passing my general. I nearly passed it the first time but missed by 3 questions. […]