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My experience with NFT’s

So, given the little post I made previously about the booming world of Non Fungible Tokens, I figured I would investigate this nonsense for myself. I don’t like talking about things I haven’t done IRL so here we go. My Initial introduction to this stuff was, probably like most people, on Opensea. It’s a common […]

These NFT things…

In the last two weeks half of my artist friends have either set up shop on Opensea or have publicity condemned NFT’s as pure uncontrollable evil. Collectible card games, comics, digital currency, old video games, old books, it’s all on fire right now so it’s not really surprising that something like CryptoPunks would gain traction […]

Getting Started Painting Minis

So I’ve slowly been working on the vast horde of Reaper Minis we got from the kickstarter earlier this year. I’ve painted maybe three figures before this so I had to go out and get some new brushes and a few washes etc, to get things ready. I even went out and cleaned up/repaired my […]

Inktober 2018

Hey everybody, next month is Inktober and while I’ve attempted it in the past I always fail about 2-3 days into it. This time I’ve created my own list of things to draw and post so hopefully I don’t run into down days or lag. For those that don’t know what Inktober is it’s simply […]