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3D printed Splattershot Prop

For Halloween this year one of the boys decided he wanted to be an inkling from Splatoon. Given, Nintendo doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of costuming outside the Mario universe we had to make our own stuff. While there is a toy version of the gun on amazon for about $30 that […]

Dungeons dungeons and more 3D printed dungeons.

One of the main reasons for getting a 3D printer was to make terrain and buildings for tabletop games like D&D. While you can buy interconnected wall bits and floors online they have a hefty price tag that goes with that convenience of pre made models. This set comes from a free set of models […]

Pumpkin Spice PLA

I recently ordered some sample filaments off Amazon to test out. Whole rolls of Porto-Pasta are not exactly cheap, but a 50g coil will let you see what it can do before investing. This is their cinnamon filled htpla that I’ve printed Melisandre’s necklace in. The stone is off an other brands sample transparent red […]


So one of the issues I ran into was prints getting goopy on one side of the print. The d6 has a single sided cooling fan which means that air only hits one side of the print leaving the other side warmer and prone to drooping. I printed this circular fan shroud and installed a […]

First 3D Printer

Husband bought me an early birthday present this past week, the Monoprice Maker Ultimate. (AkA, the Wanhao Duplicator 6) I believe there was a sale, as buying a 3d printer was not something we had been planning on lately, but has been really cool to have so far. We’ve had it for about a week […]