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3D Printed Candy Machine

The good part is that it totally works and printed without failing. 4 days of parts and used up the majority of that orange and green I had. Nearly out of filament now so there may be a slight delay in any more prints. CANDY MACHINE STL

3D Printed Mario Star Tree Topper

I completely forgot to post this. I printed one of these to go on top of our tree this Christmas, as fun as it looks the print failed 5 times before finishing. 😀 MARIO STAR STL

3D Printed Bitcoin Cookie Cutter (and cookies)

This year for Thanksgiving me and the boys made cookies for everyone. Since walmart had already gotten rid of their pumpkin/leaf/turkey shaped cutters I opted to print them instead. I used my standard PLA for these, and thoroughly washed them afterwards. After printing the kids their pumpkin and maple leaf cutters I figured I would […]

OG Grey Hulk on the CR-10

One of the cool things about the CR-10 is you can print big stuff on it. So to celebrate getting my 4 Star Hulk to rank 5 and to test out a huge print I set up this big ol 22cm grey hulk. Link to stl He wasn’t too hard to set up, and luckily […]

New Printer – The CR-10

A few weeks ago while scrolling through my twitter feed I came across a giveaway for a CR-10 via Datulab Tech’s twitter, then a few days later I got an email saying that I had actually won. Thanks again David for the chance to get a hold of one of these machines and I’m going […]