Book readin’

I’ve been on a reading/book buying spree the last few weeks. The lit fiction writing group was rattling off a list of some things they enjoyed so I investigated a few. I gave Ducks, Newburyport an attempt and made it about forty pages or so until I just couldn’t get a handle on the rhythm. It’s a story done in a single sentence, mostly lists and “the fact that” which goes on for literally a thousand pages. It’s got some fun little bites of things but I couldn’t hang on. A few others are in the holds section of my libraries online system. I also replaced the battery on my OG kindle so it’s now the online library device. (I did read Fried Green Tomatoes on the overdrive app on the phone, and yuck.)

Since I’ve got the goal of finishing Invisible before the baby gets here (or at least get it to an editor by then) I wanted to read a few things that could help work out some of the character motivation issues. So naturally I bought a couple of used Highsmith novels and the new Murakami shorts. Starting up Strangers on a Train at night, then on to the Murakami’s during lunch breaks. I do prefer printed books but I only buy the ones I know I’ll want to read again or loan out. And if the library doesn’t offer it then I can often find what I’m looking for around $5 on ThriftBooks or eBay.

And don’t refer me to some shady overseas “free” ebook website because you can keep the viruses on your own computer, thanks.

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