Author: Melinda Wyers

33 Weeks

That’s how far along I am, which leaves me about 6-7 weeks to go. Considering how quick the last one was born my money is on this baby showing up in the next 5-6 weeks. I’m already at the miserable size stage where I can’t bend forward or sit up properly. So far things are […]

New Keyboard

I know when the majority of people hear the words mechanical keyboard they think of the rainbow led gamer-bro click clack stuff from Razer or HyperX etc. Or maybe they have the sense to think of the more sensible versions from Das Keyboard or WASD. But those keyboards come fresh out of the box fully […]

Is it all just ads?

So we finally got the Spotify account closed up for good. That means if I ever log into it again they’ll play ads between Florence songs. This isn’t a big deal for me since I have about four copies of each album in various media formats, but I do think it’s fun how people will […]

The Return of Serial Fiction?

I mean, it’s about time. It seems that books only get longer each year, with word counts over 100k per volume in the latest trilogy. Modern commercial fiction seems to be going through another big shift since the rise of eBooks and the self publishing boom in the early 2010’s. A little while back Amazon […]

It’s time to learn to type…

In 1997, during middle school, we were all tasked with taking a class called Keyboarding. We worked on big beige IBM computers in a cramped lab elbow to elbow at wooden tables. At some point in the class the teacher wrapped our model M keyboards in those transparent rubber protective covers, having stuck little stickers […]