33 Weeks

That’s how far along I am, which leaves me about 6-7 weeks to go. Considering how quick the last one was born my money is on this baby showing up in the next 5-6 weeks. I’m already at the miserable size stage where I can’t bend forward or sit up properly. So far things are going well, they have me checking my blood sugar because I was a couple points over the limit after the sugar test but no huge spikes or anything since. (I meet all the criteria for it too: 4th kid, over 35, etc.) I’ve got the crib set up, the new car seat is here and the stroller is on the way.

The thing about having kids 4-5 years apart is that you end up giving away all the baby stuff and you have to start all over again. Every time there are new rules, new gadgets, new everything. With the first one fish was off limits, then with the third fish was ok. Finding organic formula used to be difficult, now you can get it anywhere. This time its easier to find affordable glass bottles, which I find much easier to keep clean. Those stubby plastic ones get scratched up by the bottle brushes and yeah, yuck.

There are lots of smart devices for kids out there too. They’ve got breathing/oxygen monitors you can attach to their little ankles or diaper that send data to an app on your phone. I understand wanting that kind of thing if you have a preemie or kiddo with a medical condition but for a standard healthy kid – yeah, its’ just not for me. IoT baby devices are big and I get it, new parents want to know everything that’s happening and will spend big money to do so. At this point I know what to expect.

Some new stuff is super expensive. Like, baby bathtubs that are $100 because they have temperature control and act as a scale and all that. (It takes five solid minutes to bathe an infant in the sink, yall.) There are high end electronic baby beds and rocking bassinets that perfectly lull a baby to sleep. There are devices that will warm nearly anything you can imagine, pacifier warmers, baby wipe warmers, all kinds of things that were once cold can now be warm! (Bottle warmers I understand when the milk has been in the fridge/frozen and you don’t want to have it boiling.) Then there are the clothes. “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” can also mean you spent $40 on infant sized Adidas Shell Toes that the kid outgrew before picture day. Get socks or the booties that have adjustable ankles/straps so they can wear them longer. Get a 5 pack of plain white onesies for them to puke/poo all over. Get a waterproof mattress pad/cover for the crib, no diaper is leak proof.

infant shell toes
Baby Shoes, Never worn

I did invest money on some important things like, you know, the car seat. We’ve had Recaro’s for the other kids (they make race car seats) with good results but this time my husband wanted one made in the USA so the Britax got ordered this go round. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for her to show up. Oh and we still haven’t agreed on a name yet. Same thing happened with the last one. We picked her name two weeks before she was born and at this rate we’re probably going to be doing the same.

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