So one of the issues I ran into was prints getting goopy on one side of the print. The d6 has a single sided cooling fan which means that air only hits one side of the print leaving the other side warmer and prone to drooping.

I printed this circular fan shroud and installed a larger blower fan on the print head to get much more detail in smaller prints.

After this was installed I was able to get really small with the prints:

Here you can see a print made before the fan was installed:

Another thing I discovered was that you can’t pause a print for very long. I let this 16 hour print pause for an hour and when I resumed it the part was too cool to adhere to new material:

I’ve recently looked into printing as big as possible:

This winged victory was scary to clean up because she has super thin wings and robe and I printed her with 0% infill.

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