Replacing Case on DMG Game Boy

After having successfully repaired my MacBook Air I went on to more simpler technologies. When I was nine or ten years old I decided to decorate my gameboy with fingernail polish. When I dug the sucker out of it’s storage bin I felt it was time to remove said polish but to no avail. Remover didn’t take it off, acetone took it off the screen but started melting the plastic housing, thus trashing the original enclosure. However there are a plethora of digital dj’s who use old gameboys to make music giving the world a market for parts and accessories including new housings. I ordered a new plastic enclosure and screen cover from <em><a href=””>Kitch Bent.</a> </em>I also ordered replacement orange buttons but they didn’t fit the case, I must have ordered game boy color buttons instead of DMG buttons on accident or something, no big deal as we do have a gameboy color out in the garage that could stand to have a facelift later on :). Anyway, I also picked up a tri wing screw driver to get to the innards.

The DMG is very very simple and very easy to open. You only have to worry about one ribbon wire which you see in the pic above and it can handle being pulled out of the connector without much worry. Once the two sides are apart you just remove the rest of the screws which are very well seated in their old plastic house, some gentle force is needed to get them to budge initially.

Then I took out the screen to get to the buttons and clean everything out, it was my original gameboy and was pretty grungy under those button pads. Taking everything out and placing it back into the new housing was very easy, getting the old screws into the new plastic does take effort! I did strip a few of the inner screws trying to get them in place.

This part was cool, it’s the back side of the Gameboy. The black bit is where the games slide in. I do have to note that while the pin connector and buttons were a bit dirty the internals were almost dust free.

Finally everything was back together and working perfectly. I used to original buttons from the old system and placed the new screen cover on with ease. Again the only difficult part was getting the old screws into the new plastic, they stripped very very easily and I’m 100% certain I could not transfer this gameboy to a new case without buying new screws.

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