PWM Box Mod

While waiting for all of the parts to my Game Boy Pi build, I threw together a PWM Box mod. While looking up how to build one I contemplated doing a DNA 200 board box but the price point on the PWM was something I couldn’t pass up.
Setup shown above:
LG He4 x2
Geekvape Tsunami
Double Helix Chiquita Tip
PWM + Mosfet
Mod internals below:

Normally custom box mods have the buttons and such on the side. I don’t like holding mods like that, even small ones I like having the button on the larger flat side. The original button, box, and 510 came [from this site](  Given this was my fourth or so box mod I knew the ins and outs of soldering things to the sled terminals and the 510. However, my wire length and layout skills have a long way to go.

Unlike my first few boxes, this one fired up properly the first try. I’ve always had issues with the batteries not making a good connection but no issues this time. I used a premade board for the PWM + Mosfet setup

As for how it works, couldn’t be happier. It may not have a fancy screen or buttons but it gives me the power I need to run clapton builds without waiting for them to heat up.

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