Noisy Cricket Amp Project

I finally finished this little amp project. The amp was made via the schematics from [Beavis Audio]. I used their “radio shack” pdf with the cool radio shack circuit board. Most of the other parts I bought off DigiKey and what they didn’t have I ordered off ebay. Here you can see the stomp box enclosure all fitted with the knobs and switches. I was going to paint it lime green but the lime green paint kept “eating” the white primer, so I sanded it all off and kept it white primer only.

What’s the point of having an amp with no speaker to power? Making boxes is fun, I read that it was a good idea to leave the back off of your guitar cabinets but I wanted some area for the plug to set inside as well as have something for sound to bounce around in. I primed it in black, but wasn’t thrilled with it so the finished box is coated in a cool layer of trunk bed liner.

Here it is all finished, speaker installed, and all fancy with the grill fabric printed with my old rottbot logo.

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