Mass Effect N7 NES

While cleaning out some of the garage I stumbled upon two dusty old NES systems and thought “I should fix these suckers up!” and thus a tedious journey began. I started with the usual 72 pin connector replacement and thought I should paint the systems while I was waiting on them to arrive.

Here you can see I painted mine to have the N7 armor stripe from Mass Effect, a game that was never on the NES but it just fit. You can see I also changed the on LED from red to blue. Hand painting the red stripe down the grates was the hardest part, everything else was spray paint and decals I bought off ebay.

After getting it all hooked up, I also modded the system to have “stereo” outputs so I could play around with chiptunes if I felt like it later on. Now, NES plastic is very soft and easy to drill right through without any issues, I drilled before painting and test fit the RCA connectors to make sure things lined up. There are capacitors wired behind them and a ground wire going around to one of the screws on the inner plate of the system. So far so good.

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