GameBoy Zero Pt1

I haven’t had a chance to solder anything since before the baby arrived and have been itching to build something fun. It’s been a while since I played with the old Game Boy’s in the house and after stumbling upon the Game Boy Zero posts on reddit I decided to build one myself.
So far I’ve ordered most of the parts and am just waiting around for things to arrive from England and China. The first stuff to get here was my enclosure, buttons, and extra button PCB from Kitchbent. I’ve ordered buttons and cases from them before and I like how their DMG cases have extra space around the speaker section.

The plan for this GBZ build is to have the cool four button layout, but also make it a little more festive by opting for glow in the dark buttons and a clear case. You’ll be able to see the nightmare that is held within of hookup wire spaghetti and hot glue vomit holding things in place. I’m still contemplating a 6 button setup to play emulated GBA games but I have an actual GBA I can use with the only games I’d want to play on it on actual cartridges. Having messed around with emulators, attempting anything over a GBA game on a single board computer becomes lag city.
And yes, I managed to get a hold of a single Raspberry Pi Zero from The Pi Hut, I did pay the £4.00 price with shipping to the US that was only £5.00 came out to $13 US, still cheaper than the ones on Ebay.
I’ll keep taking shots of things as they come in and as I get them ready for assembly. Still contemplating my method of power supply, whether to go with a flat lipo or use one of my retired 18650’s.

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