Florenheit: NodeMCU Weather Station

I put together a little weather station this weekend using the basic setup from this website: https://blog.squix.org which uses a basic humidity and temp sensor along with a NodeMCU ESP8266 board. I plan to upgrade the sensor to one that includes barometric pressure once I learn how the code works and can swap it out for the different library.

The first part of the station has a fun little weather ticker program that pulls data from weatherunderground and shows it on a tiny little screen. It was fun to have running for a few weeks while I waited on the temp sensor to arrive.
With the temp sensor added and only local outdoor temps being stored on thingspeak, I ran into some API issues that my husband helped me troubleshoot until we got it tweeting properly this morning. I moved it outside to test it properly and with the sun hitting the front porch directly the temps ran too high and I had to move it to the back yard. For the next few days it will live inside the outdoor plug cover until I can work out a waterproof enclosure.
You can follow the tweets being sent from the data here:

Some of the stuff I’d like to do with the station besides add barometric pressure are to tweet an image of the sky once an hour via something. Easiest way to do it at the moment is to hook up my webcam to one of the raspberry pi’s and enclose it in a clear case. I did purchase a solar battery power bank but after a few days of testing it’s charging ability I don’t think it can run the NodeMCU and raspi all day without summertime levels of sunlight. With the power drops being covered I don’t mind it being wired to the house since if the power goes out so does the wifi and it won’t be able to log data anyway.

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