DNA75 Build – Hitch-Hiker Pv2 Box

Since building the PWM box, I’ve found the power to be a bit too warm for my tastes. Having a series mod only to turn it down to 55% power is pretty lame so I had been looking into making a new single battery or dual parallel box, mostly so I could run dual coils again in my RDA.
Then one day one of the box manufacturers I was following held a raffle with only ten tickets available for $5 a pop. Of course, I jumped on that with the assumption that if I won I’d go ahead and spring for the DNA chip I’d been drooling over.
Then I got the facebook notification telling me I’d won the kit.

Hitch-Hiker Box Mod Kit
Cut to a week or so later and I have myself a proper regulated mod in a very handsome green case. (raffle options were purple or green)
Above is a pic of everything that came in the kit, save for the magnets and DNA board holder. This was my first time using a 3D printed sled and I’ll probably never go back to those clunky nylon Keystone sleds. Probably my favorite part about the anodized box is that there are no big screw posts sticking into the enclosure area. Every ounce of space is fillable without having to compensate for them because they have the magnet holes within the rim of the box. Even other CNC enclosures have them, which is odd because they take up so much space.

Here is everything in place, as you can see it’s a pretty tight squeeze but if you think about it, the enclosure is only slightly larger than a standard credit card. Those are a pair of Samsung 25R’s that I wrapped. The hardest thing was getting the 510 wired, as I couldn’t (Not sure if it does?) get it to dissassemble. Normally I would take the 510 apart to solder the wire from it to the board then screw the positive pin assembly into the negative plate part. The FDV v5 is an all in one so I used two wires, one from the board and one from the 510 and combined them after assembly.
The Escribe software has settings you can adjust and presets you can create on your PC and upload to the board if you want to go the temp control route. It also allows you to customize the various alert screens, here I threw the Hitch-Hiker logo in so it would look nice when I posted the build on their Facebook page. Making custom themes is super easy in photoshop so hit that contact button if you are in the mood for something unique on your own DNA board.

And here is the finished piece. My only regulated mod before this was the Sig 150 which you could turn off by pressing the fire switch, so of course I spent a few seconds like a moron locking and unlocking the board because the DNA shuts down automatically. Other than that it’s been great knowing how much battery I have left, what my ohms are at, and how much power I’m throwing to the coils. Both coils.

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