Building My Own Box Mods

As much fun as mechanical tube mods and commercial vv boxes are, making your own box mod is really rewarding. My husband loved his provari and I really liked my sig 150 but these “digikey specials” are more my style.

This hilarious thing was the first mod I built back in 2013. It’s super tiny using a 14500 battery and about a solid $20 in parts. I managed to have it light up an LED when the button was pressed so I knew it was firing.

These were two of the first dual parallel boxes I put together back in 2015. While nice and powerful, they used proper 18650 batteries and fat daddy vape 510 connectors, my construction skills were lacking and both died within a few months.

Having no mods to play around with just as I was getting into building coils I opted for a commercial vv mod and picked up a sigelei 150 box mod. Compared to my husbands Provari and IPV2 it was huge and fun and I really do miss it. Perhaps one day I’ll look around for another.

I gave the sig 150 to a friend who needed to actually quit smoking and put together a little Frankenstein mod from the ripped out innards of the other two dead mods. I noticed with the sig I never went over 25W so this 1 battery unregulated setup was more than enough for playing around with.

So what flavor/nic/blah blah blah? I have two favorites at the moment: Mitten Vapors Baja Splash and Centerfold’s Jinx. Back in 2015 I was using 1.5mg nic for flavor and such, given I only used my ecigs about twice a day or and never smoked to begin with I never needed to use anything over 3mg. I did stop using everything while I was pregnant and the one bottle of Baja Blast I have now is 0 nic. I have a set of parts for a new parallel box, perhaps this time the epoxy won’t fail and all the solder joints will be nice and clean. 🙂

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