Learning to model 3d prints.

So it turns out using 123D is pretty easy. If you know to use vector imaging software like Illustrator this type of stuff will be quick for you to pick up on. This image above took about a day or so to model up after starting with the software from scratch. The only thing I didn’t create was the green battery sled you see inside it. Given I can’t print these myself I was going on measurements of the 510, firing button, and voltmeter. The one thing I needed to be super correct was the battery sled because I couldn’t just cut the hole bigger for it.
The whole thing is very small, it fits one 18650 and uses 3mm magnets for the lid and body. I know this size can hold a door since my P+ box uses them. I had the volt meter from an older franken-box that I scrapped when the firing switch on it gave out. This print is actually slightly taller than the P+ box but isn’t nearly as long. However the width of the whole thing is wider too accommodate up to a 30mm atomizer.  (Think the width of a 1590 B)

Since we don’t have a 3d printer, one of my husbands friends did a test print of the lid for me to make sure the magnets fit etc. It’s a lovely purple color that I like, when I go hunting down a shop that can print ABS plastic I think I’ll go with it.

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