OG Grey Hulk on the CR-10

One of the cool things about the CR-10 is you can print big stuff on it. So to celebrate getting my 4 Star Hulk to rank 5 and to test out a huge print I set up this big ol 22cm grey hulk.

He wasn’t too hard to set up, and luckily came all in one big file. Many large format prints come in parts you have to assemble later. It took a solid 46 hours to print him due to adding a raft to make sure he stuck to the bed and giving him a 20% infill so he wouldn’t snap a limb.

I had a timelapse set up with the octoprint to get a cool 12 minute video of him being printed but at some point the timelapse stopped recording and so it only goes up to his hips. I think either the SD card on the Pi hit a limit or there is some internal file limit setting for the octoprint that I wasn’t aware of.

I’ll work on the octopi setup more this month as I get time. Getting ready to print up a bunch of Christmas ornaments for the kids this year and I plan on having the MP Select Mini up and running as well.

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