3D Printed Bitcoin Cookie Cutter (and cookies)

This year for Thanksgiving me and the boys made cookies for everyone. Since walmart had already gotten rid of their pumpkin/leaf/turkey shaped cutters I opted to print them instead. I used my standard PLA for these, and thoroughly washed them afterwards. After printing the kids their pumpkin and maple leaf cutters I figured I would hunt down a bitcoin cutter. Well it just so happens there weren’t any on thingiverse etc so I fired up fusion360 and hodge podged together these little guys:

Now, the first time I set up the shape I realized the B needed to be backwards and unlike the other cookie cutters I added a bezel to the edge to help cut more cleanly. Other cutter files have a flat 2-3mm top which makes it hard to get a clean cut. The two holes you see are for you to push the dough out of the cutter from the top after cutting.

The litte guy took about 4 hours to print with this fun orange PLA I got during halloween. You can see I need to clean the bed off, these were printed on the D6 because the cr10 was printing the hulk during this time, that white stuff is just gluestick.

Here are the cookies, they were a little tricky to cut out. If the dough was rolled too thick the top hole of the B would get stuck in the cutter, and too thin the dough didn’t reach the B at all but they worked fine once I got the thickness right. These are a standard cutout sugar cookie recipe I found online.

Here are the cookies all finished, I filled the impression with a glaze type icing that had artificial fruity pebble flavoring added. They were pretty good. Click below to go to my thingiverse page to download the file:

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