3D printed Splattershot Prop

For Halloween this year one of the boys decided he wanted to be an inkling from Splatoon. Given, Nintendo doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of costuming outside the Mario universe we had to make our own stuff. While there is a toy version of the gun on amazon for about $30 that shoots some kind of proprietary goop that we could have easily purchased, I felt it was a good opportunity to test out printing the biggest thing to date from the d6.

Now, I set these up to print each part at 10% infill and it still took 13-18 hours per piece of the gun. I simply set up the printer in the garage to print overnight so we could sleep. I had a full kilo of clear PLA so I went with that for the parts. Given, if I ever plan on printing something this big and all again I’d go with at least 40% infill as 10% is very light (good for a 6 year old to carry around for 2 hours trick or treating) but super easy to break. I broke something off of it at least 3 times during painting and construction but it was at weak layers due to a tangle in the spool I was able to catch before things got out of hand.

I used super glue at first to connect the PLA parts but that just wasn’t strong enough and I was running out of time so the high temp glue gun made an appearance to get the thing to hold together. If you want to print this exact file yourself, I’d suggest going in and modifying the muzzle part to have a concave shape in order to have the tank “seat” into it and not just sit there on top.

Once it was all together I did a quick spray of white primer, then colored it up with the craft paints. Next time I paint a print i’ll be using proper artist acrylics with some extender or duplicolor spray paint for sure. I’ve used duplicolor paints for painting the game boy enclosures before and they work amazingly on plastics. Just check your paints for acetone if you’re using ABS. He had fun running around with it all night. The hat was ordered from this etsy shop because this shop does better than I could do for sure.

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