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Graded Comics Arrived

Five months ago I was cleaning out one of the closets when I decided to comb through our long boxes. After looking up most of the issues we had on eBay to see what was worth anything these were the eleven books we decided to send off for grading. Now that was in January and […]

Hooking the Reader

There are various ways to “hook the reader” in a story. Typically you would do this within the first few sentences of the first chapter by means of something exciting or interesting that goes with the genre. It makes total sense to do this. You put the murder in the first chapter. You start the […]

33 Weeks

That’s how far along I am, which leaves me about 6-7 weeks to go. Considering how quick the last one was born my money is on this baby showing up in the next 5-6 weeks. I’m already at the miserable size stage where I can’t bend forward or sit up properly. So far things are […]

New Keyboard

I know when the majority of people hear the words mechanical keyboard they think of the rainbow led gamer-bro click clack stuff from Razer or HyperX etc. Or maybe they have the sense to think of the more sensible versions from Das Keyboard or WASD. But those keyboards come fresh out of the box fully […]

Is it all just ads?

So we finally got the Spotify account closed up for good. That means if I ever log into it again they’ll play ads between Florence songs. This isn’t a big deal for me since I have about four copies of each album in various media formats, but I do think it’s fun how people will […]