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It’s time to learn to type…

In 1997, during middle school, we were all tasked with taking a class called Keyboarding. We worked on big beige IBM computers in a cramped lab elbow to elbow at wooden tables. At some point in the class the teacher wrapped our model M keyboards in those transparent rubber protective covers, having stuck little stickers […]

Getting ready

I’ve been busy the last few weeks with various things. Getting ready for this baby, getting things set up at work, getting through some reading. I’m glad I figured out one of the issues I had with productivity. While work hours are work hours, any time outside of that has to be used to either […]

Such a mournful sound

One of my first graphic design jobs was back in college, around 2006, working for a small audio company. They had an online store that sold pro sound equipment and also did custom commercial installations. (Think, the ceiling speakers in schools/restaurants/etc) My thing was taking pics of the product and making ads for print and […]

New radio day

Got a new Yaesu FT-65 handheld transceiver in the mail today. Hopefully I works better than the old Baofeng I lost the charger to a while back. Will need to put the bigger whip on it for sure. Cody wanted it for emergencies in the jeep but I’m the only one who has the license […]

Book readin’

I’ve been on a reading/book buying spree the last few weeks. The lit fiction writing group was rattling off a list of some things they enjoyed so I investigated a few. I gave Ducks, Newburyport an attempt and made it about forty pages or so until I just couldn’t get a handle on the rhythm. […]