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NFT’s Round 3: We Like The Cats

Right, so ten entire days ago when I jumped back into these things I didn’t have grand expectations in regards to how things would play out. I held onto three Cool Cats for a while and watched the price steadily climb. After a few more days of watching other NFT series be released and the […]

My Experience with NFT’s: Round 2

Alright, so a few months back I had dabbled in the world of NFT’s. At the time every crypto currency was in the middle of a boom that seemed to have no end and gas prices on ETH were at least $70-200 per transaction. Folks were paying a pretty penny just to mint artwork in […]

Personal Blogs Don’t Need No SEO

The other day I signed up for some newsletter claiming it would give pointers on how to get more readers and responses to blog posts. I stupidly assumed this meant that there would be insights into craft, how to structure paragraphs for optimal mobile reading, or tips on posting personal info that doesn’t dox yourself. […]

Graded Comics Arrived

Five months ago I was cleaning out one of the closets when I decided to comb through our long boxes. After looking up most of the issues we had on eBay to see what was worth anything these were the eleven books we decided to send off for grading. Now that was in January and […]

Hooking the Reader

There are various ways to “hook the reader” in a story. Typically you would do this within the first few sentences of the first chapter by means of something exciting or interesting that goes with the genre. It makes total sense to do this. You put the murder in the first chapter. You start the […]